Thursday, October 9, 2008

Report on Challenging Preaching Opportunity

Thank you to all prayed for this recent trip into the bush to the Kamazi church. I will post some photos when I get the chance, but for now wanted to thank you. It was a great and full day. I preached twice, in the morning and in the afternoon. There was a communion service later in the day. The church was full, many out of mere curiosity. The pastor told me that today was history because no white man had ever been there. I was the first! They were most welcoming and receptive to what was preached. The students who went with me were a great help and asset (obviously). The church (as the soon to be published photos will show) rests in the shadows of the mountains which divide Malawi from Mozambique. Many of the church members cross the borders through paths they've worn with little regard for international bouundaries (ha! ha!) Anyway, just a note of thanks for those who brought this matter up in prayer. Ndatakhoza (I am thanking you).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Challenging Preaching Opportunity

This Sunday I have the privilege of preaching at Kamaza CCAP church situated in a rural village on the Mozambican border. One of our juniors hails from that village and has asked for some time that I go with him to preach the gospel. In his words, explaining the church to me, he writes "The church is located in the total village setting where many people have assimilated to the cultural behaviors of the refugees (from the 20-year Mozambican civil war). The people surrounding the church are tribally Chewa and deeply rooted into the traditional religions, including the following of evil spirits." So, will you pray for this trip? I will preach the gospel as clearly as I can, but it will take something more wonderful than any words to pierce, challenge, convict, crush, and overcome the darkness into which we travel. I'll be taking about five male students with me. Thanks for your considerate trips to the throne of mercy.


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