Friday, April 30, 2010

Proud Mama

The academy has several after school activities for the students to participate in; anything from rugby, netball, swimming, arts & crafts, drama, etc. One of the activities is an outreach to an orphanage that COTN sponsors and Amber Elizabeth (on her own) decided to get involved with. She goes every week to spend time with these kids. They range in age from infant to eighteen. She really enjoys it. I have to say that I am really proud of her to get involved with a ministry without being forced to by her dad or me. I will have her write about it soon, so you can get her perspective. Anyway, here are some pictures of her and some of the kids.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

Well, we are in countdown mode here in Malawi. Only 41 more days of school and 61 more days until we leave for the T. We are all getting really excited. There are some exciting things happening next year that we will get to be a part of. We will actually spend the first three weeks in the T in the western part of the country.

We will fly into Portland, Oregon, for a very special event. I think we are most excited about this one because it is the wedding of Miss Megan and Mr. Pass-Andy-Water (that’s what Sarah Rose calls Andy). Sam will marry them and all three girls will be flower girls. It’s exciting because we actually got to see their relationship blossom. It took a while, but it finally happened. She is from Oregon and he is from Alabama. They had to move all the way to Malawi to meet each other. Isn’t God 0? A

Here’s the cute couple:

Another exciting event that we will get to be a part of is the wedding of the daughter of our dear friends at ABC, Kelly and Connie Dehnert. Molly Grace is a flower girl in this wedding too. So after being in Oregon for a week, we will fly to Wyoming. Britney, the daughter getting married is from Wyoming and the Patrick, the guy she is marrying is from Arizona. Again, they had to move all the way to Malawi to meet each other. A

Here’s the cute couple:

After being in Wyoming for a week, we will then fly to San Diego, and visit some dear friends that we worked with at ABC. We will get to see Derek & Jeannette Breuninger (and hopefully their new baby), Josh & Emily Ketchum, Bob, Amy Louise, Nya, & Analise Stauffacher, Kellen & Becca Hiroto, and Lisa Kowalski. Emily keeps telling us about all the food places they are going to take us. And I keep telling her that we are going to gain 20 pounds in our week there. A Jeannette is going to take us into Mexico to her family’s house and have some REAL Mexican food. I can’t wait. We plan to visit the beach, the zoo, some museums, etc. I told them I don’t care what we do, we just want to do stuff and eat at places that we cannot do in Mississippi or near Mississippi.

We will finally arrive in Mississippi, on July 12, but then we will leave that Friday for Gulf Shores for the reception of Megan and Andy. They will be having another reception in Alabama for his side of family and friends who were unable to attend the wedding in Oregon. I guess you could say we are going to be pretty busy for the first month we are back in the States. Whew!

After we get back from Gulf Shores, we will be able to rest a little before having to start school in August. I will home schooling Amber Elizabeth (7th Grade) and Molly Grace (5th Grade) and Sarah Rose will go to kindergarten (K5) at Faith. Sam may be working on his DMin. at RTS.

We would love to do more traveling while we are in the T, so please contact us and we will do our best to make a trip and visit.

On a side note, there is an update from Holli. She was able to get her last drain out, and now will have a port put in for chemo. She will start chemo April 27, and will have to have it for 6 months. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she goes through this not-so-fun stage of life.

I would also like for you to keep the children, Chad, Wes, and Ashley, in your prayers. They are going through a lot too. They not only have to watch their mother go through this, but they had to be uprooted so quickly from their home here in Malawi and leave some good friends behind. Pray that they will be comforted in the knowledge that God will get them through this and one day, they will see the good that will come out of all this.

Please continue to pray for James as well. He has to see his wife go through this, as well as his children. Pray for endurance for him as he now has to be father and mother when Holli is not feeling her best. Pray that he will continue to look to God for all he needs and help him to also be comforted by God.

I thank you for praying for this dear family.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good News for Holli :)

Several people have been asking how Holli is doing. You can check out their blog for the latest good news. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery, for comfort and peace for the whole family, and for wisdom for the doctors who are and will be treating her.

Thank you for your concern and for your prayers.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on Sam

A lot of you have been asking how Sam is doing after the snakebite. We’re pleased (& thankful) that he is doing well. Either the snake was a non-poisonous one or it didn’t inject any venom. Thank you all for caring and praying for us.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


The McDonalds Go On Home Assignement June 2010

Dear Praying Friends.

We are excited and nervous about our upcoming home assignment scheduled for July 2010 through July 2011. We ask for your prayers, and, above all, opportunities to meet, greet, eat, and share with you and your churches during missions conferences and other gatherings throughout the year. We have had such a fruitful term of service and we continue to anticipate with excitement the expansion, growth, and challenges of new opportunities here through African Bible College in Malawi. Thank you for allowing and enabling us to represent you and the work of Christ's family in this needy place. We so look forward to seeing you.

Affectionately yours in Christ,
Sam McDonald for all of us

Friday, April 2, 2010

Snake Pictures

Well, here are the pictures of the snake that bit Sam. We still don't know what kind it is, but at least it's dead.

Perry said even though it was a baby, it could be more venomous than an adult because babies don't know how to regulate their venom.

He had his leg wrapped and propped up in case there was venom. The venom would travel at a slower rate.

We are so thankful for the comments and prayers. Please continue to pray for our safety.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


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