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Sam is the chaplain at the college as well as a professor when we are in Malawi.  He is also a mentor to the college students and has started a ministry with about five or six guys where he goes to a village on Sundays to preach and since each church has about 20-30 prayer houses, the college students are able to preach also.  It’s rare for the prayer houses to have a person preach for them that actually preaches the Gospel.  While we are home on furlough, he is preparing for our return to Malawi.  He is also trying to raise funds for different college ministries.

LeAnne teaches 4th grade at the academy.  Along with teaching she is the Accelerated Reading Administrator and the Head Teacher for grades 2nd 5th.  She is also mother to Amber Elizabeth, Molly Grace, and Sarah Rose and wife to Sam.  While home on furlough she is homeschooling the older two girls and getting things together for the academy for when they return.

Amber Elizabeth is currently in 7th grade and doing very well.  Every Friday while we were still in Malawi she would go on an outreach with the academy to an orphanage that COTN sponsors.  She went along with her teacher, Lisa Kowalski, and a few other students.  They teach a Bible lesson, read books, play games, and just “hang out” with the children.  While we are home on furlough she is doing school and trying to get accustomed to all things "American."

Molly Grace is currently in 5th grade.  She is also doing well academically as well as socially.  She is a natural performer, so therefore she joined the Drama Club while we are in Malawi, an after school activity.  Her teacher, Mwizaso Khonje (an ABC grad) said that Molly Grace would probably be famous one day.  Molly Grace keeps saying that she wants to move to Hollywood and become an actress when she grows up.  While we are home she is also trying to get accustomed to all things "American." 

Sarah Rose is repeating kindergarten because by age requirements she is too young to start 1st grade.  In addition, we don't want her to graduate when she is 17 anyway.  So she is a little ahead of her classmates, but still coping well.  She loves school and her teacher.

Well, if you haven’t already figured it out, our first initials spell SLAMS.  That is how we came up with our blog name.


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