Sunday, September 30, 2007


Some prayer requests:

*For safety from snakes and bugs. There are many snakes and different kinds of bugs on campus that aren’t too friendly. Our nanny has already stepped on a snake in the yard (while she was out there with Sarah Rose). The gardeners have also killed a snake at the academy; right outside my classroom.

*For safety that we don’t get malaria. We take the necessary precautions, but they are not 100%. Thankfully we have the treatment on campus if we do get it.

*For Amber Elizabeth and Molly Grace to meet many new friends this year at school. They have already met a few that I think they will have for a lifetime.

*For Sarah Rose to adjust not being able to see me when school starts. She likes her nanny, Joyce, but she’s not mama.

*For Sam that he would be able to prepare some for his classes. He has been so overwhelmed and busy these last couple of months as acting Director that he hasn’t been able to spend any time preparing. Classes started for him August 29.

*For me as I “try” to get my classroom in order. I haven’t done much in there because I have been trying to unpack our house. Also, for my lesson plans and my teaching. I haven’t taught for three years, and I am a little nervous. School started for me August 28.

*For Sam’s and my friendships. That we would be able to find people that we can talk with openly without the fear of rejection or ridicule.

*For our spiritual growth. That we don’t get so wrapped up in teaching our students that we forget to take time for ourselves to spend time with God in prayer and reading His word.

*For the country of Malawi. Specifically for the students that they would respond openly to what God is doing through them.

Please let us know how we can pray for you too. You can email us at or We love to hear from our “family” in the States. Amber Elizabeth ( and Molly Grace( also love to get emails. Sarah Rose isn’t quite old enough yet for an email address, but if you would like to send her one, I will read it to her.

Thank you, we love you, and we miss you,
LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our dear praying friends (again)

As Sam said before: As you erase and add prayer items for the week, please add my dear husband, Sam to yours. Sam was playing basketball Tuesday afternoon and was hit in the eye by a fellow missionary. He had to get stitches. This will make his helping me (since I broke my wrist) complicated, but not impossible. Please pray for pain relief and adjustment. He will be able to get the stitches out Sunday. Please thank God that it wasn't worse than it was, but do commend him to the throne of grace for all of us.

Yours In Christ in Africa,
LeAnne McDonald

P.S. Thank you to all who have written asking about my wrist. It is still sore, but I am able to do more now. I have to wear the brace for three weeks. Thank you also for the prayers.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our dear praying friends

As you erase and add prayer items for the week, please add my dear wife LeAnne to yours. LeAnne fell Saturday morning and broke her wrist. This will make her mothering and teaching responsibilities complicated, but not impossible. Please pray for pain relief and adjustment as she has to rework her habits for the next several weeks. You'll all be delighted to know that the doctor at the mission clinic said to her as part of her prescription: "Sam has to wash all dishes!" Please thank God that it wasn't worse than it was, but do commend her to the throne of grace for all of us.

Yours In Christ in Africa,
Sam McDonald

P.S. We strongly desire prayer requests pertinent to you. We sense missions as an exchange. Your role in the Kingdom is as vital as anyone's and we like to commend you in prayer as well. Until then, grace and peace.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prison Outreach

Our campus-wide outreach began this week. Every year at ABC, the missionaries serving here lead students in an outreach into the community as part of their course of study. The students are always most eager to participate and usually find ideas for service to the Church from this outreach after they leave ABC. This year I am leading a group of four students to Kachere Prison, a small jail for juvenile males accused of felonies. Kachere looks like a medieval prison – stone walls in an open courtyard, heavy wooden doors, and giant locks that close behind you as you walk in. Once in the courtyard, we step to the center of the square to begin sharing. The boys begin to gather around. Some know a little English like “Hi” and shout it toward me. A time of greeting and song is followed by a sermon. A couple of the boys who have been there for a couple of years begin taking notes. One of them has a Bible and thumbs through it. There are a few who do not attend the meeting cooking in huge cauldrons for the evening meal. Two more decide now is the time to bathe from a water bucket – in the open and all that goes with that. The smell is pungent, a mixture of smoke, dust, and, well, urine. Kachere is listed on Amnesty International’s list of worst prisons. Pray for this outreach and as I lead these men in discerning how to best reach this young men who have completely given up hope!

Freshman Diversity

Classes are in ‘full swing.’ I am daily trying to keep up with preparation and interesting approaches to communicate the courses I’m teaching. This year, I chose to teach Literature, which is ‘covert systematic theology.’ I take issues from the books we read and press home the Biblical issues raised by the authors. I am also teaching Anthropology for Missions in which I’m hoping to teach the issues and tools missionaries (and many aspiring missionaries are in my class) will use entering a new field.

I’ve been especially encouraged by our freshman class. They have diverse background and diverse goals for their ministries upon completion of ABC. This year we have one lady whose family is Muslim – she was converted out of that religious background and hopes to return to her family to evangelize them. In addition, we’ve had five Malawi policemen join us. They were encouraged to attend by their chief, a Christian, who wants to help educate those qualified in Biblical studies to help assist in ending police corruption in Malawi. Pray for these and all of our students as they labor to find finances, energy, and courage to complete a difficult academic course.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Home

We are getting settled in our new home. We are so thankful for this beautiful house. I have attached some pictures. Sorry it has taken me so long to get them posted. We are almost finished putting things in the right place. Although we are finding out the little kinks of having a brand new house.

I was in our room putting up clothes and such, when our lights starting flickering and then I heard a loud pop come from the kitchen. I went in there and smelled something burning. I thought our American (110 volt) microwave was fried. I saw Ronald, an ABC graduate who is an engineer, outside our kitchen window and asked him to come in and check my transformer. It was reading 256 volts, so he thought something was wrong with it and said he would take it to try and repair it. He checked another transformer and it was reading the same thing. So then he checked an outlet on the wall. Our electricity was set at 356 volts instead of 220, so that is why our transformers were reading 256 volts. So thankfully, nothing was wrong with the transformers. Ronald had ESCOM (the local electric company) come out and fix the problem. So right now we have electricity.

Well, here are the pictures I have promised you. Sorry it took so long.

This is one view of the living room.

This is another view of the living room.

This is one view of the kitchen.

This is another view of the kitchen.

This is the breakfast nook.

This is a picture of Molly Grace and two of her Malawian friends, Tiamika and Takondwa, in the playroom. I teach Takondwa. Their father is the registrar for the Bible College.

This is the master bedroom.

This is Amber Elizabeth's room.

This is Molly Grace's room.

This is Sarah Rose's room.

This is a picture of he girls' bathroom.

We love you all,
LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Campus is full now that school is here. The families that are here are the Boersma family (Mark (the doctor), Britt, Kelly Grace, & Jackson) from Louisiana, Jack & Nell Chinchen, the Stauffacher family (Bob, Amy Louise, Nya, & Analise) from California, Paul & Laura Chinchen along with Annabelle, Levi, Bess, & Vandel, Steve & Marion Spencer along with Jon Jon, Nell, Caleb, Samuel, Charlotte, & Timothy, Megan Miller, a single girl from Oregon, Annie Williams a single girl from Florida, Ari Lopez, a single girl from California whom was here last semester, Dan & Bethany Robbins, a couple from Washington, the Stoms family (Jay, Laura, Clara, & Katherine) from Washington and New York, the Brown family, (Larry & Carey) from Tennessee, Andy Passwater, a single guy from Alabama, Jake Bray a single guy from California whom was here last year, Chuck (the new headmaster) & Joanne Wilson, from California, Nate & Jenny Leboffe, a couple from California, whom will be spending their third year here, the Beidabach family (Brian, Anita, Amy, Bradley, & Benjamin) from California and South Africa, the Zude family (Konnie & Caroline) from Illinois, Lisa Kowalski another single girl from California whom was also here last semester, Charisa Chinchen (Jack and Nell’s granddaughter) whom has been here for several years, the Dehnert family (Kelly, Connie, Joel, Shea, & Janelle) whom were here last year, and us.

So as you can see, the campus is FULL. A lot of little ones too. I don’t know how everyone will fit into Jack and Nell’s house on Friday night for potluck. We may have to do shifts or every other Friday.

More on a personal note: Amy Louise Stauffacher (I think I am the only one who calls her by both her first and middle name) and I have become good friends over the phone this past year, so it was nice to finally meet her and her family in person. We talked on the phone about everyday until we had to leave for Africa. She even called me here in Africa two or three times before they arrived. Wow, it’s so nice to already have such a close connection with someone. It has really been great getting to know her better in person. God knew how much we needed each other here.

LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


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