Sunday, September 30, 2007


Some prayer requests:

*For safety from snakes and bugs. There are many snakes and different kinds of bugs on campus that aren’t too friendly. Our nanny has already stepped on a snake in the yard (while she was out there with Sarah Rose). The gardeners have also killed a snake at the academy; right outside my classroom.

*For safety that we don’t get malaria. We take the necessary precautions, but they are not 100%. Thankfully we have the treatment on campus if we do get it.

*For Amber Elizabeth and Molly Grace to meet many new friends this year at school. They have already met a few that I think they will have for a lifetime.

*For Sarah Rose to adjust not being able to see me when school starts. She likes her nanny, Joyce, but she’s not mama.

*For Sam that he would be able to prepare some for his classes. He has been so overwhelmed and busy these last couple of months as acting Director that he hasn’t been able to spend any time preparing. Classes started for him August 29.

*For me as I “try” to get my classroom in order. I haven’t done much in there because I have been trying to unpack our house. Also, for my lesson plans and my teaching. I haven’t taught for three years, and I am a little nervous. School started for me August 28.

*For Sam’s and my friendships. That we would be able to find people that we can talk with openly without the fear of rejection or ridicule.

*For our spiritual growth. That we don’t get so wrapped up in teaching our students that we forget to take time for ourselves to spend time with God in prayer and reading His word.

*For the country of Malawi. Specifically for the students that they would respond openly to what God is doing through them.

Please let us know how we can pray for you too. You can email us at or We love to hear from our “family” in the States. Amber Elizabeth ( and Molly Grace( also love to get emails. Sarah Rose isn’t quite old enough yet for an email address, but if you would like to send her one, I will read it to her.

Thank you, we love you, and we miss you,
LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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