Sunday, September 2, 2007


Campus is full now that school is here. The families that are here are the Boersma family (Mark (the doctor), Britt, Kelly Grace, & Jackson) from Louisiana, Jack & Nell Chinchen, the Stauffacher family (Bob, Amy Louise, Nya, & Analise) from California, Paul & Laura Chinchen along with Annabelle, Levi, Bess, & Vandel, Steve & Marion Spencer along with Jon Jon, Nell, Caleb, Samuel, Charlotte, & Timothy, Megan Miller, a single girl from Oregon, Annie Williams a single girl from Florida, Ari Lopez, a single girl from California whom was here last semester, Dan & Bethany Robbins, a couple from Washington, the Stoms family (Jay, Laura, Clara, & Katherine) from Washington and New York, the Brown family, (Larry & Carey) from Tennessee, Andy Passwater, a single guy from Alabama, Jake Bray a single guy from California whom was here last year, Chuck (the new headmaster) & Joanne Wilson, from California, Nate & Jenny Leboffe, a couple from California, whom will be spending their third year here, the Beidabach family (Brian, Anita, Amy, Bradley, & Benjamin) from California and South Africa, the Zude family (Konnie & Caroline) from Illinois, Lisa Kowalski another single girl from California whom was also here last semester, Charisa Chinchen (Jack and Nell’s granddaughter) whom has been here for several years, the Dehnert family (Kelly, Connie, Joel, Shea, & Janelle) whom were here last year, and us.

So as you can see, the campus is FULL. A lot of little ones too. I don’t know how everyone will fit into Jack and Nell’s house on Friday night for potluck. We may have to do shifts or every other Friday.

More on a personal note: Amy Louise Stauffacher (I think I am the only one who calls her by both her first and middle name) and I have become good friends over the phone this past year, so it was nice to finally meet her and her family in person. We talked on the phone about everyday until we had to leave for Africa. She even called me here in Africa two or three times before they arrived. Wow, it’s so nice to already have such a close connection with someone. It has really been great getting to know her better in person. God knew how much we needed each other here.

LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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