Sunday, September 16, 2007

Freshman Diversity

Classes are in ‘full swing.’ I am daily trying to keep up with preparation and interesting approaches to communicate the courses I’m teaching. This year, I chose to teach Literature, which is ‘covert systematic theology.’ I take issues from the books we read and press home the Biblical issues raised by the authors. I am also teaching Anthropology for Missions in which I’m hoping to teach the issues and tools missionaries (and many aspiring missionaries are in my class) will use entering a new field.

I’ve been especially encouraged by our freshman class. They have diverse background and diverse goals for their ministries upon completion of ABC. This year we have one lady whose family is Muslim – she was converted out of that religious background and hopes to return to her family to evangelize them. In addition, we’ve had five Malawi policemen join us. They were encouraged to attend by their chief, a Christian, who wants to help educate those qualified in Biblical studies to help assist in ending police corruption in Malawi. Pray for these and all of our students as they labor to find finances, energy, and courage to complete a difficult academic course.

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