Saturday, February 2, 2008

My class

Here is a picture of my class.

Front row left to right: Meria Madikhula (Malawian), Peter Davidse (Malawian), Yahorina Tench (British/Kenyan), Gio Agra (Phillipino), Omar James (British), Kitty Tricky (British), and Diogo Alves (Portuguese).

Second row left to right: Nina Ayuninjam (Cameroonian), Takondwa Chang'anamuno (Malawian; her dad is an ABC graduate and is the registrar at the college), Anita Kamwendo (American/Malawian), Gina Gauna (Italian/South African), Jalen Jackson (Mississipian), Pomi Ketema (Ethiopian), and Fatima Diab (Lebanese; her dad owns the local 7-11).

Third row left to right: Chris Chanje (Malawian), Nicole Kwengwere (Malawian), Wianne Ter Harr (Dutch/South African), Wil Maclean (Canadian), Aletha Saccur (Malawian; this was Amber Elizabeth's best friend when we were here before), Dylan Pyman (Zimbabwean), and me.

This is such a good group of kids. I will miss them so much while we are in the States. Please keep them in your prayers also that they can stay on track with the sub.

Love in Him,

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The Silver Fox said...

What an amazing diversity of children! And what an amazing opportunity for you and the other teachers there. I can appreciate how you will miss them while you are away.

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