Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update and Next Procedure

First of all, I want to say “Thank You” for all the prayers, notes, gifts, lunches, dinners, calls, etc. we have received since this ordeal of gall bladder attacks started. It has been two weeks since surgery and I am feeling great.

My surgeon, Michael Peavey, is sending me to another doctor because of what he saw while removing my gall bladder. He wants to make sure it is not anything harmful before giving us the “OK” to go back to Malawi. I will have an MRCP (it’s kind of like an MRI) to see if something is still there. If not, we’re good to go. That is my prayer. If there is something there, then they may have to do an ERCP which means they will have to go back in and try and get whatever it is out. I ask that you continue to pray with us that there is nothing in there and they won’t have to go back in.

Michael told me if they do have to go back in that the ERCP has a 3-7% chance of causing pancreatitis. I know that is a very low percentage, but it is still a little scary for me that there is a percentage at all of developing pancreatitis. I am the one in our family that always thinks the worst, where Sam is the complete opposite and thinks that everything will be okay.

With Love,

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The Silver Fox said...

I'm praying that there is nothing there and that you will be good to go, although we will be sad when you go. It brings joy to our hearts to have you all here with us for at least a little while. We love you all and thank the Lord for you. :o)

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