Friday, February 5, 2010

Done it Again

Well, I've done it again. I've changed our blog. I wanted something new and different and the more I looked around, the more I found. There are some really cute designs out in cyber-world. I have chosen one from HOT bliggity BLOG.

I don't plan on changing our blog again anytime soon because every time I have changed it, things are mixed up, in different places, and/or just aren't there anymore. So, I think this one is here to stay for a while.

On another note, I will be adding some pictures soon of happenings at the college and academy. Lately our internet has been super slow, so it's a pain (and almost impossible) to upload anything.

Thank you for reading our blog.

We love you and miss you,

LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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