Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No April Fool’s Joke

This is NOT an April Fool’s joke. A snake bit Sam. I will post pictures later, because I have to put them on my computer first. Don't worry Mrs. Louise, he is all right. We had Perry Jansen come over to look at him and the snake.

Sam was walking out the playroom door to go outside and he felt something grab onto his leg and then saw the snake slither outside. He said it felt like a lizard bite him. He came into the living room to tell the girls and me and then went outside to try and kill it. It’s important to kill the snake that bites you so you can find out if it is a poisonous one.

Anyway, he found it and it was killed and I called Perry. He told me to bring the snake to him and he would look at it to see if he could tell what kind it was. He was not 100% sure what kind it was, but wanted to take a look at Sam to see if he could see fang marks. So he came over to the house and took a look.

On his way over to the house, he made some phone calls and assured us that the US Embassy had the anti-venom if it was needed and there is a private in-patient room at Partners in Hope.

Well, it has been about three hours since the bite, and Sam is not feeling any effects, so that is a good sign. Perry said the effects would start the first hour, so I think everything is okay.

Please pray though that we will continue to be safe here in Malawi. Not just from snakebites, but from all dangers.


LeAnne (for all 5 of us)


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steveandcaryn said...

Oh wow, how scary!! So glad he is okay. I can't even imagine...

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