Saturday, October 6, 2007

Video of ABC Christian Academy

Please check out this video of the ABC Christian Academy. Either click on the link or copy and paste it in the address bar.

This video tells a little about the school as well as a little about Malawi.


The Silver Fox said...

Thank you for The McDonald Family blogspot. For what it's worth it has been my observation that many more people read blogs than post comments to them, so don't be discouraged. ;o) LeAnne, I pray that you are having a good, albeit brief, break from classes. I'm looking forward to hearing how Louise's fall foliage trip went. :o)

The Silver Fox said...

I have just watched the video...WOW!! Some words that come to mind are informative, inspiring, convicting, amazing, sobering, encouraging, challenging, enlightening...what a great video and very well done. I hope that others will take the time to see it. For some reason clicking the link didn't work so I copied the address and pasted it. If somehow you could get the link to work maybe more folks would view it. Just a friendly suggestion!! ;o) No doubt you will be using this video when you are back over this way. :o)

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