Monday, December 24, 2007

Dr. Krabbendam at Kachere Prison

Dr. Krabbendam [see post below] asked if he could accompany my group of students on our ABC Thursday outreach to Kachere Prison. I told him it was full of boys ages 12 to 20 who’ve been incarcerated for all sorts of reasons. He said, “Let’s go.” As we entered the stone courtyard, the mood was especially noisy. I sensed distraction since most of the prisoners sitting in the same courtyard generally do their best to sway the attention of those attending. The boys were a little curious as this 6-foot-five Dutchman entered the area where we usually gather. One of our students translated his sermon, focused around our need for a new heart, a new record, and a new righteousness. Prisoners, he said, were always a little more open to the gospel. And the boys demonstrated. Dr. Krabbendam, in his presentation, had all the boys gather around him. He explained to them that God was not wanting to be accepted by them. They didn’t have that right seeing that they had unclean hearts, an unclean record, and a righteousness like that of the filthy toilet situated just behind us. I can only ask that you trust that allusion was more than vivid! “And now, if you really are filled with the Holy Spirit as you ask Him to come, this prison will not be the same. The guards will ask, ‘what happened?’ in there, you will gather for prayers and the reading of the word everyday, and when you leave here, you will never come back!” The young men, we feel having been prepared by our visits, were ripe for Dr. Krabbendam’s visit. We will begin discipling these young men, praying with them, asking other students to ‘adopt’ them, and caring for them through letters and packages. Just pray for them, please. Pray that the ministry brought to them by this kind man will be fruitful in their lives and productive for the Kingdom. Blessings.

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