Monday, December 24, 2007

Krisi Masi Ya Bwino

It’s been a while since I have put anything on the blog. Sorry about that. I have been so overwhelmed with life here in Malawi. But, we are finally out for Christmas break until January 16. A very much needed break!

The last week of school my class was working really hard on learning lines for a skit for the Christmas program and learning to say Merry Christmas in Arabic (Millad Said) and Dutch (Vrolik Kerstfeest).

We are planning to do a little traveling during the break. Last week we went to Zomba with Paul and Laura Chinchen and their family for a few days. We were able to visit Zomba when we were here before. I have to say it is one of my favorite places in Malawi. Here are a few pictures.

This is a market on the way to Zomba. Busy, busy, busy.

This is just another clip going through the market. They sell anything from food items to mops to live animals.

The girls at the top of the mountain.

Sam with the girls in front of one of the waterfalls.

Sam with Sarah Rose at the last waterfall we went to. The water was freezing, but the girls enjoyed wading in it.

Amber Elizabeth in front of the last waterfall. It was such a beautiful sight.

This is what we had to walk through on the hike. We had a Malawian guide slashing the bush so we could walk. We all had such a wonderful time.

After the new year we will be going to Lake Malawi (the southern part) for a whole week. One of my student’s parents owns a cottage there that they rent out. It has a private beach, its own pool, a cook, a cleaner, AND TV with satellite. We are really excited about getting away for a while and just to be able to relax.

Krisi Masi Ya Bwino and Ife Konda Inu! (Merry Christmas and We Love You!
LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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