Saturday, December 29, 2007

Critters and Such

I wanted to show you some pictures of some of the critters we see here in Malawi. Some are cute and some are not so cute. See for yourself.

This is Biri Wira (green in Chichewa). Our chameleon. A student of mine brought it to me for Christmas. I had told the whole class that chameleons are the only creatures I like and they could bring me one if they wanted to.

This is what Americans call a chop chop. I think it is also called a water spider. Anyway, it is ugly, scary, and fast. They are very aggressive. They have these claw things in front and will run after you.

This is some kind of beetle. It is about 2 inches long. A gardener on campus said that they will attach to you skin and if you try and get it off, it will pull you skin off.

This is some type of grass hopper on our screen. Harmless (I think), but BIG.

This is a bird that the gardener next door found. It had duct tape on its wings so couldn’t fly. Molly Grace was able to hold it for a few minutes before it was able to fly away.

This is Amber Elizabeth with her hedgehog, Spike. We eventually had to let it go.

This was Molly Grace’s hedgehog, Spine. We also had to let it go.

Well, these are just a few creatures we see here in Malawi. We also see geckos, snakes, snails (big ones), other spiders, all different kinds of grasshoppers and beetles, centipedes and millipedes, ngumbi (flying termites), and ants (a lot of them from small to big, flying to non-flying). If I get pictures of other things, I will post them.

With Love,

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