Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girls' classmates

This is Amber Elizabeth’s class (I will teach them next year). Her teacher is Charisa Chinchen. She is a granddaughter of Jack and Nell.

Front row: Janelle Dehnert (America, they live right next door to us), Sarah Young (New Zealand), Clare Barr (Malawi), Yair Bisnawaty (South Africa), Jessica Martinson (Ghana, I taught her older sister when we were here before), Maltida ? (Malawi), Towa ? (Malawi).

Second row: Breanna Harthoorn (America), AE, Kelly Grace Boersma (America, they live in the house we used to live in on campus), Tess Tricks (England), Delmar Kyzar (America), Samantha Trindale (Malawi), Amy Phillips (Zimbabwe), Sugna (India).

Last row: Tony (Malawi), Mpatso (Malawi), Duma ? (Malawi), Seth Goncalves (South Africa, son of MG’s teacher), Ghanah (American/Malawi), Malyeta (Malawi), Charisa.

This is Molly Grace’s class. Her teacher is Gail Goncalves and she is from South Africa.

Front row: Janice Harmse (South Africa), Roberto ?, Cameron Macpherson (Malawi), Nadya ? (Russia), MG, Walter Tricks (England), Michael Young (New Zealand), Charo ? (Malawi).

Second row: Tawonga ? (Malawi), Jackson Boersma (America), Dumisani ? (Malawi), Renear ? (South Africa), Mwanda Kamwendo (Malawi/America), Daniel ? (Zimbabwe), Ryan Saywood (Zimbabwe), Maziko ? (Malawi).

Third row: Mrs. Goncalves, Levi Chinchen (America), Thembi Jonat (Canada), Karis Jonat (Canada), Aya Diab (Lebanon), Zachary ? (Zimbabwe), Gabriella ? (Malawi), Emma ? (Malawi), Miss Grace (teaching assistant, Malawi)

These are the teachers I teach with. They are from America, Canada, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

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