Thursday, May 1, 2008


What a privilege it has been preaching every week in the village churches at Njewa, Mwenela, Msiliza, and Chimbalame. I like Chimbalame because it literally means “Big Bird.” I can remember that one. So far, I have been laying out the basics of the gospel, impressing upon the people that the “gospel” is more than a decision response, it’s the whole of Christianity. When I preach, the challenge is finding culturally (and locally) relevant illustrations to convey points. For instance, when I talk about the reality of being created in God’s image, I use the illustration of goats (mbuzi) tied to the backs of bicycles that we see every day in Malawi. I ask the people, “Does the goat know where he is going?” They all respond, “No.” “But do you know where he is going?” They all say, “Yes.” “WHY?” “Because you think about tomorrow and yesterday, life and death, and eternity. The goat has no idea he is going to be butchered, but you do. It is because ‘God put eternity on your hearts.’ And therefore, you must consider the truth of what Jesus says because you were created by him.” As you can see, it can be fun! Please pray for these churches, that the Lord would raise up for them a pastor. Also pray they would be blessed with elders who truly believe. Sometimes, sadly, the only requirement for becoming an elder in the church is that you are an elder in chronology!

A couple of days ago, I was asked to be part of a panel at a conference hosted by the Nkhoma Synod Missions Department. This would be the equivalent of MTW. Currently, they have two missionaries to Mozambique and are struggling at best. The main concern of the conference was to discuss ways to interest and mobilize congregations to support and pray for missions. I was asked to share how our churches approach it. I shared with them how I grew up seeing and hearing from missionaries, ate with them, went to conferences with them, heard sermons about missions, etc. In other words, I impressed upon them that “the mission of the church was the mission of Christ.” It is who we are and what we do (Thanks Dr. Medeiros!). I also provided them with a document from MTW about getting your church involved in missions. What a great document and I encourage everyone to print a copy for your own church! I am looking for further opportunities to encourage them where possible. Please pray for this meeting. Ask that the Lord would really work in the hearts of the leadership of this denomination (and sadly, in some cases, convert the leadership), and that the Holy Spirit would inspire men, women, and children throughout this massive church to see their potential. Unfortunately, they think often as we do that money will solve everything. Poor people are not immune to that unfortunate misunderstanding. But that’s always easy for a Westerner to say who has a full stomach, nice house, car, and education. So pray also the Lord would provide for this mission financially. If you would like to help, contact me and I would be thrilled to connect you.



p.emmanuel AGAPE Director said...

AGAPE GOSPEL OUTREACH TEAM (AGOT) A-GO(ING)-TEAM SHARING THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST UNTO UNSAVED AND UNREACHED PEOPLE OF INDIA JOHN 3:16 Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.We are very happy for your intrest for ministry. It is a great previlage to serve the Lord , it was not entrusted to the angles, but it was entrusted to all of us by His grace to be witness for Him in this darken world. I am from India, my name is Emmanuel. The Lord had put a great zeal for the unsaved in our country. The Lord had spoken from Hos. 10:12 "?? break up your fallow ground ??" in other words, plough the ground and sow the seed. In obedience to His promise we are moving to preach the Gospel in the remote villages. The Lord has given us talented partners for the ministry. In this way we all glorifying the Lord. It is a great privilege to serve Him. The Lord is taking us in so many situations to teach His precious lessons but it is a great privilege to suffer for Him and learning us how to be patience with prayerfully imparting the power of the Lord to move into the fields of harvest. It is not we, who do but the Lord, who has empowered us to do everything by His grace and the prayer of His saints. Glory to God in everything. OUR PASSION AND VISION (we need you too to make it a reality) bring many souls for Christ. reach every child in every village with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. establish the congregations where there is no congregation. train and equip the people to be witnesses and to share the Gospel to their neighbors. send the film teams to promote the gospel to the unreached villages. preach the Gospel among the children because children are prone to dangers of this worldy attractions which hinders them to attend the church. The age is such which make them to love the darkness rather than the Light (Jesus). share the love of Christ through humanitarian initiatives. help the old women (widows) by establishing a old age home. help the poor children with clothes, education and proper care. share the social gospel to them those oppose the Christianity.
1. Born again Christians are only 2% out of 100 crore total population.
2. More than 50 % people never heard the Name of Jesus.
3. There are more than 5 lakh villages without the Gospel umbrella.
4. More than 55 thousand people die each day without the privilege to hear the Gospel to determine /choose the everlasting life before they kick their bucket.
1.Growing militancy among Hindus.
2.caste system still very prevalent in Indian society.
3.increasing nominalism and non-evangelical attitude of the believers.
4.of the 3000 major ethnic group, 2400 have to be reached with the gospel.
7.BIBLE DISTRIBUTION MINISTRIES. Kindly pray for us and for the ministry in India and extend your loving hand for the furtherance of the Gospel to the perishing souls in this land. With your extention of loving prayerful support hands we can move further in this great task of soul winning . please remember us in your daily prayers. 1 Thes. 5:25 OUR INVITATION TO YOU (Eph. 4:12) Our warm welcome to you to India.Your presence,prayers and support are the blessing in ministry.please visit once and co-operate with us and let us share the blessing at the feet of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. We are waiting for your kind reply.
Yours in His eternal grace
For more information write to
AGOT H.No-5-1-13/9,
Sangareddy-502001,A.P., India.
Phone: +91-9441647700

The Silver Fox said...

Sam, you do have a way of giving us a glimpse into your life and ministry there. Thank you. And it looks like your blog is being picked up far and wide!! ;o) You, LeAnne, the girls and the ministry of ABC continue much in our thoughts and prayers.


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