Friday, August 22, 2008

Amber's Poem of Africa

Amber wrote the following poem during her school break. Hope you enjoy.

"Africa is a wonderful place.
I love it a bunch.
A lot of Africans are
on their right pace.

They have this soda called
Fanta Punch,
I love it a bunch.

Africa has some beautiful beaches,
and wonderful peaches.
Africa has the best scenery
And they have lots of pottery.

It is beautiful. Very.
I love Africa so much,
I am very merry."


RCO said...

Amber, you have written a beautiful poem about the amazing continent of Africa. It helps us appreciate how special Africa is to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. It brought a smile to my heart. :o) Mr. Rob

MandB et al said...

Amber, you have a wonderful gift for writing . . . like your Dad. I feel like I have taken a trip to Africa !!

Liz T. said...

Amber, this was a really sweet poem, I read it out loud to Madison who is studying for a class and he liked it very much as well. :-) - Liz (Madison's wife)

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