Saturday, December 12, 2009

Funny African Signs

Here are some real signs that have been seen in Africa.
We see some that are very similar to these in Malawi everyday. We hope you enjoy them.

This is Vanndel Chinchen in Zomba, Malawi.
The sign says, "Toilets 4 U 2 P Zimbuzi."

This is in Malawi near the lake.

I'm not sure where in Africa this was.

I'm not sure where in Africa this sign was.

This is in Dedza, Malawi, at Dedza Pottery.
Be sure to look at the bottom left corner.

The signs say, "Jesus is the Way Grocery,"
"God Gives Restaurant and Guest House,"
and "God Gives Hair Salon."

I have see this is in Malawi, but not sure where.

The sign says, "Don't Mind Your Wife Chop Bar."

A fellow missionary here in Malawi,
Lisa Kowalski, had this can.

I'm not sure where this hotel is.

Well, I hope these pictures have brought you a little chuckle.

We love you,

LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!


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