Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reading Day & International Day

Reading Day at the academy is a day where the students and teachers dress up as a book character. This was started by our First Headmaster, Dan Linsz, and has continued as a tradition each year at the Academy. We emphasize reading and the importance of reading by inviting special guests to read to the class. Each teacher plans a fun day of reading to the children, sharing books, silent reading, reading theater, or whatever other creative ideas a teacher has.

Here are a few pictures from this year:

This is a picture of the three award winners in my 4th grade class. Renier Veitch (from South Africa) received most original, Molly Grace received cutest (yes, I am biased, but you do have to admit she is cute), and Ryan Saywood (from Zimbabwe) received best homemade.

This is Sarah Rose in the school-wide parade.

This is my 4th grade class.

This is a picture of the two Snow Whites, Sarah Rose and Michelle Halemeier (Sarah Rose's teacher).

This is a picture of the girls and me. Sarah Rose is Snow White, Molly Grace is Raggedy Ann, Amber Elizabeth is someone from a book she was reading at the time, and I am Little Red Riding Hood.

International Day is our version of American Thanksgiving Day. We get together as a school and everyone brings their favorite dish of eats from their home country to share with the school. We emphasize how thankful we are for our homes and cultures. All the children and staff dress up in their native costume or dress.

Here are a few pictures from this year:

This is a picture of my class. I have students from America, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Russia, Italy, England, and New Zealand.

This is Sarah Rose's Kindergarten class.

This is Sarah Rose and Megan. Megan is from Malawi.

This was just a sampling of all the WONDERFUL food that we were able to enjoy.

Levi Chinchen is a baseball player from America, Molly Grace is Brett Favre (when he played for USM), and Maziko Theu from Malawi.

Thank y'all for all your love and support. We love y'all.

LeAnne (for all 5 of us)

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steveandcaryn said...

Brings back such fond memories... thank you for sharing this! I always get a little choked up everytime you share something that brings back memories for me! Miss you guys! Your girls were adorable!!

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